AlphaBet™  is a structured gambling club.
 We offer structured betting with a tax free return. For Danish citizens only
We provide betting with at maximum of 10% risk *

  1.  safe and low risk betting environment 

  2. yearly high return

  3. 3 year track record 27,5 % tax free return

  4. Max 10 % of your investment can be lost.

 While we operate our diverse daily betting, we maintain focus on strong profit. We use professional advice, it is an expensive way to get better odds but our daily collaboration with europe's best pro betters, makes our betting results more diverse, with a high success rate.

Year to date  Percentage  gains: 35.9 %

  • 2013-08,2 %

  • 2014-10.8 %

  • 2015-8,5 %
  • 2016-7,4%
  • 2017-18.5%
  • 2018 -17.01% ytd 

* you could loose up to 10% of your investment, to continue you would have to accept your loss in writing for us to continue.