Skovgard S.A is a european group of companies working in 4 business sectors. Pharma-Media-Logistics-Finance.
While we operate  our diverse business portfolios, we maintain focus on strong innovation. Our core values and the way we handle business, is focusing on our strengths as an open minded, honest and humble company. We have part interest and some controlling interest in the following companies:  ALpharmaceuticals, MIL Group, HMC and PAB Inc

Group Structure

ALPHArmaceuticals; The pharmacy division, the company control the production and R&D of the brand Cebidex ™ Alphazin ™ Babel™ EbroAgro ™ and the latest in our line of empowering products Alphadrin ™

MIL Group; The media division, controll Peek A Boo Net-TV™ and Radioenergy ™ 

HMC; The transport and security division, they run Hellbenders MC ™  

and HMC Garage a Milwaukee Eight repair and custom franchise.

PAB inc; The finance and investment division, consist of the  scandinavian investment  Companies Alpha-BET ™, Pab inc and PeekABoo invest nordic And the danish inheritance asset management company  Kronborg A/S

  • Kronborg Group
  • Net TV
  • Ebro Agro
  • hellbenders MC